If you are selling products and services online, it is a must that you must have a website. However, you should know the website trends to use when selling online.

 There are lots of different website trends you can use, but coming up with them might be quite troublesome. In this post, I will teach you different methods to sell online through your website.

    1. Use clear picture when selling your products or services. You should use clear pictures on your website. It is a fact that about 90% of all human’s information is communicated through the eyes; what does that mean, it means VISUAL RULES. However, EMOTION RULES MORE. I know you are getting confused, let me explain to you; even if have photos on your website, if the photos are not clear and big, people won’t love your website. Having small, low-quality would make visitors have a bad impression about your business.

  1. Nice-looking design. No one would like to patronize you if your website is looking out-dated and ugly. Customers would judge your business based on your website. If your website is looking shabby and out-dated, no one would ever want to buy anything from you. For instance, if you call yourself a graphic designer, why would your website look like that of a website from the 80’s? Like is your knowledge of graphics limited to the 80’s? Your website defines what your business is all about. So you should make sure that your website’s design is fresh and nice-looking enough to suit your business.
  2. Social proof. No customer wants to be the first person to test your product. They don’t want to fall victim of fake or low-quality products or services. All customers want to be sure that you have had customers just like them and they want to see if you were able to solve their problem. It’s your duty to show your customers that your products or services are good and that you are a professional. You can do that is by giving them social proof like testimonials.
  3. Have your Opt-in or contact form above the fold. Before you get confused, above the fold is the top half of your website. Above the fold is the first area visitors see. Whatever is above the fold would determine if most of your website visitors will stay on your site or leave.

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