Here Are 4 Items
You Should Never Sell
On Your Online Store

The reason for creating an online store or starting doing business online is to earn high revenues and build a brand name. For you to achieve this, you must ensure your business is in line with your dream. The core of your business vision is the products and services you offer on the online venture.

In this regard, the first step of your online selling journey is selecting products to sell. If you don’t have an online shop yet, you can use Shopify‘s online store builder to get started! However, even though you can stock almost everything in your online store, there are items which you should never sell on your online shop. Here are four of them:

1. Food

Even though it is possible to sell hotel or restaurant services online, it is hard to deal with online food business. Take it this way, you are preparing your food in your house and offering it to online customers who are miles away from you. For them to consume it, you need to take the food to their location.

Logically, it is a hard and a costly task to take the food to potential buyers and get them fresh. Unless you are offering outside catering service, selling food online is hard than understanding Greek.

As such, you should never think of selling food online unless you want to provide food related services and not cooking food and seeking clients online.

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2. Counterfeit products

You are familiar with the proverb ‘cheap is expensive.’ With the current technology, unethical practices on product production are increasing at a high rate. If you do not check the product you are purchasing, you might buy a fake item that exactly resembles the original one. Obviously, most of the counterfeits are accessible at a lower price than the original ones.

In this essence, you can have them in your online store and offer them at the price of the originals. This concept promises a good return to you. However, business is not about profits alone. For your online business to last for long, you need a good reputation and customer trust. Do you think you will earn this through offering counterfeit products?

Moreover, you got high chances of finding yourself behind bars. Always be informed that dealing with fake products is illegal.

3. Selling firearms

How would luxury business be if you could sell firearms in your online store? You think it is a luxury? Unless spending your life in prison is a good idea, you should never think of operating a firearm business online. As you are aware, countries across the globe have laws regarding firearms. A large percentage of stable government states license people who are willing to own firearms. Important to note, increasing firearm ownership leads to an increase in violence and murder cases. As such, you can also be a victim. Simple: you should never sell firearms in your online store.

4. Newspapers

Unless you are selling newspaper subscriptions, dealing with such items on your online store is a bad idea. With the rising rate of accessibility to news through the widespread and growth of social media, newspapers are becoming obsolete sources of news. Also, the fact that they deal with past events, it is illogical for people to buy them online.

Furthermore, if you have an opportunity to access the newspaper through their website, would you go shopping for it on an online store? Of course, it is practically impossible. Hence, when creating an online store thinking of selling newspaper as your product is an outdated idea.


Even though you can sell anything online, not all products or services are worth selling. For this reason, always do due diligence before deciding on what to offer for your online business.